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From DC fast charging on the move to AC fast charging at home, we provide market-leading safe, smart, and sustainable e-mobility solutions. We excel at installing, maintaining, and operating electric car charging infrastructure at residential/apartment residences while providing users with a seamless experience via our mobile app.


Future proof your property with smart EV charging and provide a premium amenity.


Our technology

Smart and Connected

EV charger with OCPP support for smart charging. Authentication, charge monitoring in real time, and payment via the app

Evaluated and Tested

to the highest standards. All chargers are certified with EMC class B, CE and IP54 certifications

Fast and Universal

CCS2 plug - fully compatible with present and future electric vehicles, capable of charging batteries from 0% to 80% in 60 minutes

Happy Customers

Happy Residents

Exclusive access to DC fast chargers, as well as a mobile app to monitor their vehicle's charging


Revenue Upside

Profit from the electricity used to charge the vehicles


Increased Clientele

Installing EV chargers will attract house buyers and give your brand a green image


Easy Deployment
and Management

  •  Compact and easy installation and set-up
  •  Real-time monitoring and cloud management
  •  Usage Trends displayed on the Merchant Dashboard

Smart Charging
Made Easy

Our stations are where you are, at home and on the road. Sign-up now and get access to our chargers near you.

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