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Our accomplishments in the one year since Lioncharge's inception

LionCharge since its inception has been working towards building a wide network of EV charging stations to support and increase the EV adoption rate in India. We became operational in August 2021 with 5 chargers and now we have successfully set up over 75+ charging stations across 8 states in India at public and captive locations.

Our DC chargers located along national highways connect major cities. We have successfully electrified Hyderabad to Bangalore, Hyderabad to Vijayawada, Hyderabad to Warangal, Hyderabad to Adilabad, Mumbai – Pune – Goa, Manali to Leh.

We offer AC charging solutions for IT parks in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune where employees can charge their EVs while at work

we work closely with residential spaces to set up AC chargers for residents to charge their EVs overnight.

we were able to deliver 3500+ successful charging sessions in the past one year with over 2000+ registered users. We work effortlessly to provide 24x7 customer support for EV users who trust us with their EV charging and enjoy their carbon free without any range anxiety.
(We need to mention the total sessions and registered users with total no.of carbon free commute in Kms and total carbon emissions offset)

To celebrate our one-year anniversary and to support our growing EV community, we are setting up India’s first EV charging experience – LionCharge EV charging Hub. You can relax and sip some tea at our lounge while your vehicle is fast charging. Opening Soon!!